Indigenous Species beneficial for Safed Musli Cultivation. Part-2 © Pankaj Oudhia


The Traditional Healers using different types of Safed Musli as medicine since time immemorial claim that Healing Power of Safed Musli can be increased by treating plants at different stages with the help of selected herbal extracts and leachate. After documenting this unique Traditional Medicinal Knowledge in detail with the help of Safed Musli growers series of fields experiments were conducted to validate this Traditional Knowledge. Pankaj Oudhia has shared his experience from documentation of Tradtional Knowledge to validation and further improvement through special report. You can get details from his website

This Film series give preliminary information about promising Indigenous Species for Safed Musli production. New Safed Musli Growers can take advantage from this knowledge for production of enriched Safed Musli.

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