Hydroponic Farm Grows 350 Varieties of Vegetables with 90 minerals to Grow the best tasting food


John from goes on a field trip to Swank Specialty Produce that grows over 350 varieties of vegetables and uses 90 minerals to grow the best tasting food.

In this episode, John will visit a farm in South Florida growing both Hyrdoponic Shade House Grown and Organic Full Sun Production.

You will get a full tour of the farm including many of the crops they are currently growing, how they are growing them. You will learn how important it is to grow diversity in your garden and grow specific varieties of crops for success instead of failure.

You will also discover the special trace minerals they use to grow the best tasting food.

Finally, John will interview Darren Swank, the farmer who has been been in the business of farming for 13+ years now and ask him the following questions:

00:55:46 Interview with Darren Swank Begins
00:56:00 Is there any such thing as Organic Hydroponics?
00:58:19 What Nutrients do you use in your Hydroponic System?
00:59:50 How do you control pests using organic methods?
01:01:57 Why is it important to be proactive instead of reactive for pest control?
01:03:58 What organic control do you use for Powderly Mildew?
01:04:55 How important is growing diversity in crops?
01:07:31 What are the easiest vegetables to grow in South Florida?
01:08:56 How important is educating the public if you are a farmer?
01:12:08 How can people learn more about and contact your farm?

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