How to Use Science to Grow Better than Organic Food


John from interviews Dr. Jana Bogs on how you can grow beyond organic food on your farm or in your garden. Dr. Bogs, has a Ph.D. in Horticulture and Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition and uses science to grow the most nutritious food.

You will learn how the food being sold in the grocery store products of industrial agriculture have up to 70% LESS nutrients that what it should have.

You will learn why soil testing is really important to balance your soil and the nutrients in your soil for proper plant growth and to have the most fertile soil.

You will discover the three top minerals that may be deficient in in your soil so you can correct and grow the highest yields and nutritious crops.

You will also learn about the most important kind of microbes you need to add to the soil. Is it bacteria? Fungi? and/or more diversity of the microbes?

You will learn about how soil tests work and how the interpretation of the test may be more important than the soil test itself.

You will discover some of the problems that synthetic water based factory made chemical fertilizers that are commonly sold at most garden centers.

You will learn if adding compost is enough to grow the highest quality food?

You will also learn how to achieve the maximum flavor and maximum nutrition from the foods you grow in your garden to have the best food on the earth.

You will learn the true reason why some of your organic plants may still attract insects including aphids, whiteflys and other insects.

You will learn about 2 ways you can test the fruits and vegetables you grow one cheap, one more expensive so that you will know the quality of the foods you are growing.

You will learn how to double the amount of nutrients in your food by using some of the techniques in this episode.

You will learn three things you can do today to start growing better food today without expensive soil testing.

You will also learn how nutrient dense food that has a high brix will have a lower glycemic response that may be helpful for diabetics.

Learn about the one competitive advantage you must have to crush the competition if you are a fruit or vegetable farmer or market gardener and sells your produce at the farmers market or to chefs or retail at 2 to 10 times the normal selling price of fruits and vegetables.

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