How To Transplant Carrots Grown in Mini Greenhouses


How to transplant carrots grown in mini-greenhouses. In this video, I show you two different ways to transplant carrot seedlings grown with the Winter Sowing method (details below). Watch and see how I transplant them and make your bets on which ones will do better!

Most gardeners will tell you that you CAN’T transplant carrots! With this method, YOU CAN! You’ll get your carrot harvest about a month or more earlier than all those people who wait to the last frost and start direct sowing their seeds.

OUTCOME October 2015: The ones that were chunked made it with some nice, smaller 3-4 inch carrots (they were called Little Fingers) BUT I messed up the other one. I didn’t catch that I didn’t have drainage holes in that bucket and it didn’t make it ONLY for that reason! I will repeat the experiment again this year, so subscribe so you can see when more videos come out!



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LEARN ABOUT THE AMAZING WINTER SOWING METHOD!: Grow your own gorgeous organic vegetable, herb and fruit seedlings outside in your back yard or patio in the SNOW or COLD WEATHER from seeds in little FREE recycled containers (mini-greenhouses) like milk jugs, lettuce containers and pop bottles!

Why Winter Sow?
~ Save a ton of money not having to buy expensive organic or heirloom seedlings at $4-$6 each!
~ No more grow lights hanging over your soil and seeds indoors all winter.
~ Big savings on electricity from leaving grow lights and heat lamps on 16 hours a day
~ Save space by not having your house taken over by seedlings for several months a year
~ Not having to ‘harden’ your seedlings (ie taking them indoors, outdoors, indoors, outdoors… for several weeks before leaving them outdoors for good.) This is a HUGE time saver!
~ They are actually stronger and healthier when the seeds germinate outdoors in the elements
~Save TIME not having to water your seedlings like you have to indoors. Mother Nature does your watering outdoors!
~ You KNOW the quality of your veggies will be perfect because YOU grew them (Quality Control)
~ It’s super fun to go out in the snow and peek inside to see if they are growing yet

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Winter Sowing | Growing Vegetable, Herb & Fruit Seedlings in the Snow or Cold Weather!


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How To Transplant Carrots Grown in Mini Greenhouses


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How To Transplant Carrots Grown in Mini Greenhouses

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