How To Transplant A Tomato | The Easy Way! | Full Circle


In another riveting episode of Full Circle Soils & Compost PLANT IT YOURSELF Video Series, Farmer Craig shows you how easy it is to transplant a tomato from a 4 inch pot into a raised bed. Here are some key steps:

1.) Find an awesome heirloom tomato that you want to grow huge this spring. Make sure the plant is healthy and has been grown in an all-natural potting mix to maximize the healthy characteristics that you will be eating!

2.) Make a raised bed that is 8-12 inches deep.

3.) Fill that raised bed with the best garden soil you can find. We recommend KICK Garden Soil because it has been laboratory and field tested to be an “all-in-one” package of plant growing awesomeness for easy gardening success. Just plant, water, grow!

4.) A little trick is to pre-moisten your soil prior to planting so you know your new plant will have even water.

5.) You can plant tomatoes deep. Most people do not know that tomatoes will sprout roots all the way up their stalk. So do not be afraid to plant them deep.

6.) Put a “Wall-O-Water” around that plant to protect the new plant from any freezing. The Wall-O-Water will act like a mini greenhouse until the temperatures support growth without freezing.

7.) Water that new tomato and enjoy watching it grow to new heights with Full Circle.

Gardening is a real “KICK IN THE PLANTS!” Visit our website for our free Nevada Grower’s Guide with 16 pages of amazing gardening information. Full Circle averages 50-100lbs of tomatoes per plant in Nevada. It is possible to do this with a few tricks. You can download our FREE GUIDE HERE:

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