How To Start Kale From Seed Outdoors In Snow or Cold Weather | Winter Sowing


Join my gardening club for Winter Sowers on Facebook:: Come join the family! In this video I will show you how to start kale from seed outdoors in the snow or cold weather. This method is called Winter Sowing. Most gardeners I’ve talked to, even if they’ve been gardening for years, have never heard of this amazing technique!

Read below to learn more about Winter Sowing.

I get questions from viewers about how many seeds to put in containers and this video answers this question for you.

Here are some of the varieties of kale I love to grow and eat:
Lacinato Kale (also called Dinosaur Kale and its Italian look-alike Nero Di Toscana Kale)
Dwarf Blue Scotch Curley Kale
Premier Kale
Red Russian Kale
Ripbor Kale
Winterbor Kale

Learn more about kale:



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LEARN ABOUT WINTER SOWING TECHNIQUE: How to Grow Gorgeous Organic Vegetable and Fruit Seedlings Outside in the COLD and SNOW From Seed!

Winter Sowing is an awesome technique to grow your vegetable seeds in little mini-greenhouse containers out in the SNOW!

Why Winter Sow?
~ Save a ton of money not having to buy expensive organic or heirloom seedlings at $-4-$6 each!
~ No more grow lights hanging over your soil and seeds indoors all winter.
~ Big savings on electricity from leaving grow lights and heat lamps on 16 hours a day
~ Not having your house taken over by seedlings for several months a year
~ Not having to ‘harden’ your seedlings (ie taking them indoors, outdoors, indoors, outdoors… for several weeks before leaving them outdoors for good. This is a HUGE time saver!
~ They are actually stronger and healthier when the seeds germinate outdoors in the elements
~ You KNOW the quality of your veggies will be perfect because YOU grew them (Quality Control)
~ It’s super fun to to out in the snow and peek inside to see if they are growing yet


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How To Start Kale From Seed Outdoors In Snow or Cold Weather | Winter Sowing




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How To Start Kale From Seed Outdoors In Snow or Cold Weather | Winter Sowing

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