How to Propagate African Violet From Leaf Cutting


This video is to instruct on how to create additional African Violet plants from a leaf cutting.

Removing leaves from a fully grown African Violet is an important part of owning one of these plants. Since some leaves will be overlapped by other leaves they are not useful to the plant and can be removed and discarded, OR used to start new plants.

When making a leaf cutting, the leaf stem is cut shorter and at an angle to provide space for roots to come from. Trimming 1/3 of the end of the leaf off will stop the leaf from growing larger and redirect energy to growing roots.

Your new plants will be ready to separate from the “mother leaf” cutting once they are large enough and have at least 3 or 4 leaves of their own.

When separating new plants from the cutting I prefer to pull back on the “mother leaf” and let the plants separate the roots naturally. If a plant comes away with no roots it can still grow if you are patient with it.

When replanting the new violets be sure to plant them up on a bit of a mound so that the center of the plant doesn’t get submerged when watered, the plant can rot and die from sitting water. I also water my plants with water which has been left sitting for at least a few hours to become lukewarm and remove some chemicals from it by evaporation.

Watch your new plants for growth of additional plants which are undesirable because they crowd your plant and create lopsided growth. You can tell if you have additional plants developing if growth appears from anywhere besides the center of your plant.

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