How to produce your own Giant Onion Seed


Just a quick video showing roughly how I go about producing my own Onion Seed from my giant Show Onions.
Simply re-plant a bulb that you like the look of round about New years day in a frost free place in a large container.
Almost immediately the bulb will root and shortly after new leaves will appear out of the top.
Keep this growing and then around April time move it into a greenhouse or polytunnel and a bit later you can just let it grow outside.
Soon it will send up a number of seed shoots and seed heads that need to be tied to a cane.
Then the seed head will open and hopefully bees will pollinate the flower.
Round about September time the seed will ripen in the head and turn black and now is the time to cut the stalks off and dry out at home.
Then simply remove the seed from the head and that’s about it.
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