How to Plant / Grow Garlic


Garlic is one of the easiest and most satisfying crops to grow with very few pests or diseases and it is so easy to plant in the vegetable garden.

Garlic does require a period of cold for called “Vernalisation” which induces the garlic to split into numerous cloves and form a bulb later in the season.

In warmer climates Garlic can be planted in Autumn or Winter to give it this period of coldness, I can plant mine in early Spring as the soil is still cold enough up here though.

You can also store the garlic in a refrigerator for about 40-50 days prior to planting to do the same job.

Planting couldn’t be easier.
Select your best saved bulbs or bought seed stock, don’t use supermarket ones as these may have diseases.

Break the bulb into individual cloves and in some rich but quite well drained soil simply push the clove into the soil with the pointed end upwards so that the tip is about an inch below the soil surface.

Any deeper and they may rot before sprouting due to it being colder and wetter deeper in the soil.

In Summer when the leaves start to yellow and shrivel simply pull up the garlic bulbs and store.

A really easy crop to grow.

Happy Gardening.

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