How To Plant Dill Seeds


You are going to want to start your dill seeds outdoors and sow them directly into your container because they have a fragile root system and don’t like to be transplanted.

Make sure that the container that you are using is at least 8-12″ deep because dill has a long root system.

Pour potting soil into your container

Use your finger nail to make two rows that are about 3-4 inches apart. The row should be the depth of your fingernail.

In each row drop 3-4 seeds 2-3″ apart. It doesn’t have to be an exact amount at an exact measurement. Do your best.

The reason for leaving so much space in between the seeds is that in a few weeks, you can start news seeds in between while the first set is producing.

Use something to mark the rows and columns, so you know where the seeds were planted.

Spray down the seeds with your water.

Cover up lightly with soil and spray down again.

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