How to Plant a Bare Root Fruit Tree in a Container to Grow Fruit


John from shows you how he plants his $9 bare root ultra dwarf apricot trees into containers so he can grow the fruit anywhere!

In this episode, John will share the 50% off deal he got at home depot on these bare root fruit trees. He will share some tips on selecting the perfect fruit tree for your specific region. He will also will share his opinions on the best fruit trees to grow as well as the best size and shape of the container that the fruit tree will grow in.

Next he will remove the packing of wood chips that the bare root fruit trees were packed in and share with how he plants them including soaking, preparing and mixing up a potting tree soil to grow his trees in as well as his opinions about pruning his trees.

After watching this episode, you will have a better idea the best fruit trees to purchase for your area, how to best plant them and grow t

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