How to Make Dill Pickles Fresh From the Garden


John from shares with you how he makes no-cook dill pickles fresh from the garden with just a handful of ingredients that are done less than a week!

In this episode, John shows you his recommended way of fermenting your garden-fresh summer vegetables including cucumbers, peppers, okra, onions and more. You will learn with just a few ingredients you can preserve your summer harvest thru the winter for later consumption without cooking.

John will teach you how you can make raw lacto fermented vegetables that have beneficial bacteria that are good for your digestion and immune system.

You will learn how John prevents mold and other contaminants from getting into his pickles by making an air-lock lid using items available online and at a local beer making shop.

After watching this episode, you will now know how you can make raw pickles that have more nutrition than canning, and are full of life!

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