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The most important step, read and follow the directions of the chemical you are using.
This is Roundup concentrate Poison Ivy killer. I have a lot of poison ivy and I have this sprayer.
A good tip, put the water in the spray first and add the concentrated chemical. Adding water after, might cause it to foam up in the sprayer.

I am cutting the poison ivy vines three to four feet off of the ground. Thankfully, poison ivy doesn’t bother me too much. If you are super sensitive, really cover up, or maybe have someone else do this. I am wearing nitrile gloves to protect my hands.
The vines are really tough. I would recommend using something, like a screwdriver, to pry the vines away from the tree. And I will be doing this on the next tree.
Notice it is a little breezy today. It would be best to spray on a day without wind. To minimize the chemical drifting onto other plants.

Carefully spray the leaves from the cut to the ground. You want to thoroughly coat the leaves. The chemical is absorbed by the leaves and transported down to the roots and this is where it kills the poison ivy. In the roots.
This is an old oak tree with thick heavy bark. And I am doing my best to get the spray just on the poison ivy leaves. Depending on your tree, you might need to be more careful.
I adjust the sprayer to a stream, and drip a little of the chemical onto the cut ends of the vines. After spraying the vines on the tree, I look around and spray any plants I see on the ground around the tree.
This is how the poison ivy vines look 24 hours later.
And this is how the vines look after one week.

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