How to Install a Hose End WiFi Water Timer – Control Your Garden Watering from a PC


John from shows you how easy it is to install the Melnor 4 Zone Wifi Aqua Timer to his drip irrigation system in his garden. In this episode, John takes you through the process of removing his old Melnor 4 Zone Water timer and replace it with the WiFi enabled model that will enable him to monitor the weather in his garden as well as turn off and turn on the watering cycles and change the programming from anywhere in the world when he is connected to the internet on his PC, Laptop, Tablet, or even smartphone.

You will see how to easily pair the Wifi Aqua timer to your home network using the Android or IOS app that comes with the timer.

You will then learn how to install the timer into your garden and then pair the timer and control unit together.

Next, you will discover how you can easily program the Wifi Aqua Timer using a Internet browser on your tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop.

Finally, John will share how you can install an additional rain sensor that senses the moisture in the soil that will turn off the WiFi aqua timer from watering, to save you water automatically when it is raining.

The Melnor Wifi Aqua Timer as tested in this episode was model 15043 with the optional Model 3300 Rain Delay Sensor.
Install of the original Melnor 4 Zone Water timer:

Watch the initial video on the Wifi Aquatimer & other new products at the 2015 National Hardware Show at:

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