How to Install a Automatic Drip Irrigation System in a Raised Bed Garden


John from shares with you how you can install an automatic watering drip irrigation system in your raised bed garden and how to plant your plant starts.

In this episode, John adds a water saving drip irrigation kit to a raised bed garden with automatic water timer that will water your garden without you. You will learn how you can easily install this drip irrigation system with no tools (except a scissors) even if you have had no prior experience..

John will share with you many tips in this epsiode which will be especially helpful for beginners that want to grow and organic raised bed garden.

John will first share with you how to install a drip irrigation system with automatic water timer. This is especially important if you are unable to be home to water your plants everyday.

John will also share with you his favorite brand of drip irrigation equipment and how you can save money on purchasing a kit instead of the parts seperately.

Next, John will go over all the edible plants that he will plant in this raised bed garden. You will discover why John choose herbs for this garden, and the differences between perennial and annual plants. You will also discover the plant spacing he is using. Finally, John will share with you how to install the drip emitters at each plant which puts water where it is needed: at the plants roots.

John will then show you how to plant the herbs and vegetable plant starts in the raised bed garden and what he adds to ensure a high level of success when growing your own food.

Next, John will go over how long you should set your water timer for in your garden and how many times a day you probably should be watering.

Finally, John will share his final thoughts on sourcing, building and installing this raised bed kit as well as talk about the investment that was made to grow your own food.

After watching this Do It Yourself Raised Bed Episode, you will have the knowlege and confidence you need to install an automatic drip irrigation system and plant out your plants.

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