How to Grow & Use Sprouts, Microgreens & Green Vegetables Indoors or Out


John from shares with you how and why to grow the best food at home – sprouts, microgreens, leafy green vegetables indoors or outdoors at your house.

In this episode, John will share with you how you can grow the best food on the planet for your health at you standard American tract home with small amount of land that can feed you and your family.

Next you will discover how you can have green thumbs no matter where you live even if you have never grown anything before. Learn how John lives in one of the harshest climates in the USA and how to grow food there.

Next, you will learn why leafy green vegetables are the most important food you should grow at your home. You will also learn about the perennial vegetables that are much easier to grow than standard annual vegetable crops.

Next you will learn 5 reasons why John loves the food he grows. You will discover John’s opinions the healthcare system and how including more plant foods in your diet can increase your health. You will also learn how John eats to stay young and healthy as well as his recommendations on eating a healthy diet. You will learn his #1 reason for growing and eating his leafy green vegetables.

Next, John will share his favorite perennial vegetables that he grows that are the easiest and that you should grow that will provide food for you day after day, week after week.

Next, John will share his standard annual vegetables that he is growing and why he favors some over others.

Next, John will share his opinions on building soil and how important it is to build your soil. He will share his top 3 nutrients that he adds to his garden to grow the most nutritious vegetables.

Next, you will learn how to best eat and use the food you grow to maximize your health by juicing and blending. John will demonstrate making a green juice as well as a green smoothie which are John favorite ways to eat the food he grows.

Next you will discover how to grow your own sprouts inside your home. John will demonstrate a very simple technique to grow sprouts in a glass mason jar with a mesh lid.

Finally, John will share how to grow your own microgreens quickly and easily inside your how to grow one of the most nutritious foods in the world.

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