How to Grow the Best Wheatgrass that Doesn’t Taste Like Lawn Clippings


John from visits Maui’s premier wheatgrass farm to reveal their special secrets that enable them to grow the HIGHEST QUALITY, BEST TASTING wheatgrass that John has ever tasted!

In this episode, John visits Al and Joanies Grass Shack to show you the entire process of growing wheatgrass in soil and why growing in soil, and cultivating a healthy soil enviroment including microbes, minerals and nutrients really pays off when growing wheatgrass.

You will also discover how wheatgrass can be harvested and stay fresh for up to a week or longer.

John will also juice half a pound of wheatgrass with a low speed juicer and drink it all without barfing and get a GREEN food high like no other!

At the end of this episode, John will interview the farmers, Al and Joanie as they share with you some of the benefits of wheatgrass and how it has even improved the SEX life of these senior citizens.

Learn more about Al and Joanies Grass Shack at:


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