How to Grow the Best Green SuperFood that has more Protein than Beef Indoors


John from shares with you how you can easily grow your own green super food at home indoors in an aquarium that contains more protein than beef, chicken, fish and even soybeans!

In this episode, you will discover how you can grow the best food in your apartment, condo, home or office inside a standard $10 fish tank. You will discover some of the benefits of this super food and how learn how fast it grows. You will learn how easy it is to start growing your own food today! This superfood is another great food you can grow inside in addition to nutritional powerhouses such as sprouts and microgreens.

This microalgae known as spirulina is a food that is my top survival food if SHTF. I could survive easily by growing and eating this food as my sole source of nutrition.

This superfood is one that I have been eating for the last 20 years in its dried state, which has improved my health. Even better than dried and packaged foods is growing your own food fresh. Now you can grow your own fresh spirulina for under a $1 a pound, which makes this one of the most economical nutrient-packed foods on earth to grow.

After watching this episode, you too will want to grow this amazing health, survival, protein rich superfood in your home, apartment or condominium.

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