How to Grow Rhubarb


Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to grow rhubarb! This easy-to-grow plant offers an ideal ingredient for a vast array of delicious pies and desserts, making it a popular addition to any garden. Unlike other veggies in your vegetable garden, rhubarb is one of many perennial plants that will return year after year. Place rhubarb plants in an area within your garden where it will eb in the sun for at least half of the day. These plants can tolerate average soil, but thrive in compost-rich soil. If you begin with a small rhubarb plant, harvesting rhubarb won’t take place for around two years. When rhubarb sends up a flower, remove it so the plant doesn’t waste resources on it. Like most perennials, you can split up mature clumps of rhubarb into two or three divisions. Growing rhubarb in separate divisions can lead to a harvest as early as one year following replanting. The stems are actually what is used during cooking, so cut them from the base and remove the leaves. That’s all there is to it! These vegetables are best when fresh, but you can chop them up and freeze them to use at a later date. Rhubarb also doesn’t take up too much space within a garden, so you don’t need a full vegetable garden to enjoy tending these perennial plants!

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