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Hello and today I am going to show you a special way to grow peas from seed because it protects the seed from vermin and also an easy way to plant the whole thing out which will be in a video coming soon. Here is the follow up video:

I have spent the last week planning what will be happening throughout this year. And I am sure you want to know what will be happening but first off thanks for your patience of so little uploads but this weekend I have a video on growing peas in gutters that just needs to be edited and another vegetable growing video. The end of next week is the start of my Easter holidays so I have 3 weeks of solid video making, interviewing and researching.

Here is what to come:
1) More DIY in the garden videos fro example ‘grow an edible flower hanging basket’ and ‘willow plant holder’ for a bit of creativity and aesthetics.
2) Raised bed gardening series ‘7 steps to a raised bed vegetable garden’
3) Google hangouts with you to answer questions and share what we are up to. Also interview other gardeners.
4) Increase the ’10 top’ series. Amazing to see my tomato tip video now has over 72,000 views! Will be including:
*10 remarkable raised bed gardening tips
*10 super strawberry growing tips
*10 phenomenal potato growing tips
*10 fabulous fruit tree growing tips
Which is your favourite?
5) Testing nutritional qualities of vegetables vs shop brought. Also testing the difference between rock dust and compost/dirt.
6) Improve my playlists so it is easier for you to browse my videos.
7) Giving back to the community. How? Sponsor gardening projects, donate to gardening charities, try and give away seeds but very complicated due to silly regulations and help smaller gardening channel by giving shoutouts and advice all for free! Also some guerrilla gardening – yes I really did say that!

Hope this all sounds good please share your views and anything you want that I haven’t listed here, see you all soon

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