How to Grow Organic Capsicum in Your Home Garden | Gardening Tips


Have you ever considered growing your own organic vegetables from home? If you think it is hard work or to difficult, then I want to share with you how I grow my own organic vegetables from home. The reason why I started growing my own vegetables was, because I realized that most vegetables that are grown commercially are sprayed with chemicals that are harmful to our bodies.

I have been an organic farmer for 4 years growing organic vegetables on a commercial level. In my research before I started with this, I have found shocking information on chemical sprays that are used by commercial farmers that causes all sorts of diseases. After meeting a friend that had been exposed to chemical sprays working on a farm that did tunnel farming, I decided to change my focus to organic farming. He has picked up permanent brain damage from working with chemical sprays in tunnels. Therefore I would like to show you how to grow organic vegetables from home by following a few simple guidelines.

Easy steps on how to grow your own vegetables from home are as follows:

Tools you will need to plan the layout of your garden:

* Spade, rope, and 4 to 6 wooden mark sticks with sharpened ends.Take the wooden sticks and mark of the area by planting them into the ground. Take the rope and tie it to the wooden sticks to get an idea of how big the garden is going to be. For beginners don’t go to big at the beginning. Make sure the area get full sun for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. Don’t choose an area that can be easily flooded by a hard downfall, otherwise use raised beds.
* Make sure you have easy access to water to irrigate your garden.
* Use only organic compost.
* Buy seedlings from your local nursery to start with. Make sure the plants are healthy and the roots are well established before planting over to the new beds.
* Start with lettuce, because they are easy to grow and get used more regularly.
* Only use organic sprays. Most nurseries will have organic sprays.

Tip: The healthier the soil the less diseases you will have. So make sure your soil is healthy and the PH levels are right.

Tip: When watering your garden try to water early in the morning before going to work. This will ensure plants get sufficient water before the sun is at its hottest. Try not to leave plants wet over night especially the leaves, because fungicides will form. If you have to water in the afternoon, you must water at a time so that leaves will have enough time to dry.


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