How to Grow Kale from Seed (Growing Kale at Home)


How to Grow Kale from Seed – Growing Kale at Home
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This is my kale growing guide on how I grow kale at home in my backyard. The best kale to grow for me is the curly leaf variety. Growing curly kale is something I have done over the years and I enjoy watching it grow from seed to letting it go the seed. One year I have a kale plant that kept grow and went to seed and it measured over “8 FEET tall”.

What a plant is was!

I my video I give you a week by week account of my growing curly kale. It was not always smooth sailing with getting the kale seedlings to the point at where they were ready to go into the open soil. You will see I had a bit of a pest problem and I planted the seeds in early spring. The photos I took where take each week, right up to 18 weeks where they were ready to start harvesting.

Does kale grow better in the shade?

Well shade or sun kale will still grow well, it will realy depend on how good the soil is taht can make a difference in it growing better.

I hope you get a few tips from my video and if it has been helpful, feel free to comment, like, favorite, share and click the thumbs up icon too!

Enjoy plant your own kale today,

Dario Cann.

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