How to Grow Herbs from Seed Indoors Plus Those Dreaded Fungus Gnats


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In this video I am planting herbs from seed. Basil seems to be a very popular herb that many use now for cooking purposes. Cinnamon,lemon,lime basil are all easy to grow and smell wonderful.

Planting herbs indoors to get a head start is a smart thing to do, you can also grow some herbs indoors year around if you choose.

How to plant herbs is not as hard as you may think, very easy as shown in the video.

Planting a herb garden can be done inside or outside, probably will do better outside.

Wherever you grow indoors you will have fungus gnats , sticky traps work well for these tiny little insects as shown in the video.

Herbs do wonderful in containers or pots, I like to have a few growing indoors but you can also grow in pots outdoors . A good way to keep them contained and free of weeds.

I plant many herbs as herbs are becoming more popular it seems, some other herbs I like to grow and are easy to grow are, lavender,dill,sweet basil. I also grow Rosemary but this herb can take a long time to mature and germinate but well worth the effort.

Growing from seed is not only rewarding but offers you a past time in the winter months and gives you valuable plants to use in your everyday life. #dianemummgardenvideos

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