How to Grow Gynura Procumbens Medicinal Herb


John from shares with you how to grow Gynura Procumbens one of his favorite medicinal herbs that has been used for thousands of years to prevent inflamation, rheumatism and viral outbreaks and much more.

In this episode John takes you to his outdoor garden to share with you how the gynura procumbens has grown over the past summer season and then explain how he will successfully clone this plant indoors so he can keep the genetics alive during the winter.

You will learn how easy it is to grow gynura herb also known as longevity spinach or longevity greens by cuttings. In the tropics gynura procumbens is an evergreen shrub that grows year-round. In a temperate climate, you must bring it indoors in the winter to keep it alive or it will suffer frost damage.

Gynura Probumbens is said to have anti cancer, anti diabetes as well as many other beneficial properties to protect the body against common ailments of today caused by poor diet and lifestyle. It is said to help detox and make the body more alkaline as one of the best leafy green vegetables on the planet.

It is one herb John believes you should include daily for not only the best food, but also a tasty and delicious source of medicine as well as abundant energy in your daily life.

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