How to Grow Cucumbers


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Cucumbers are easy to grow, and are a great addition to any garden.

Step 1: Use rich soil
Use rich topsoil with plenty of compost to ensure the cucumbers receive lots of nutrients.

Step 2: Choose area
Plant in an area where your plants can receive full sun, and where they have plenty of room to grow.

Step 3: Plant in warm weather
Plant the seeds when the soil is warm and the chances for frost have passed.

Step 4: Increase germination chances
Plant three or four seeds in each hole to increase the chances of germination. Leave 3 feet between holes.

Apply an organic fertilizer on the plants when flowers appear.

Step 5: Use a trellis
Erect a trellis so the sprawling vines can attach themselves to it. Some plants can reach 6 feet tall.

Step 6: Water plants
Make sure the plants get plenty of water. Also beware of pests, such as aphids, cucumber beetles, and pickle worms.

Step 7: Enjoy
Enjoy your fresh-picked cucumbers.

Did You Know?
Placing chilled cucumber slices on your eyes for 15 minutes tightens skin and relieves puffiness caused by fluid retention.

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