How to Grow Asparagus


Asparagus produce edible spears in the spring and can grow in a wide variety of colours. This year I planted green purple and white asparagus in my garden.
Asparagus is hardy from Zones 2 to 8 however there a few heat tolerant varieties that can further extend into warmer climates. It is important when selecting varieties to make sure they are well adapted to your particular zone.
You can start asparagus from seeds however those take 3 years to become strong enough for harvest. A little more expensive option is planting bear roots. Already potted and growing asparagus are usually available if you cannot find bear root plants that are often only available in early spring.
Alberta Urban Garden Perennial List:

Apple Trees: light production expected full production when tree is 5-7 years old
Honey Crisp
Combination Apple Tree 7 Varieties

Espalier Apple Tree: expected full production year 3
Honey Crisp

Paul’s Pear

Asparagus: expected full production year 2 from 3 year old roots
Millennium (green)
Purple Asparagus
Ravel (white)

Blue Berries: Light production year 2
North Land
North Country
North Blue

Cherry Tree: expected production 5-7 years

Fig: Expected production year 2
Magnolia Breba (container) (lower growth)
Violet De Bordeaux Breba Fig (container) (upright growth)
Chicago Hardy Fig (Container)

Goji Berry: expected production year 3 from seed

Grapes: expected full production year 4-5
Heirloom Grandpa Legaree
Heirloom Grandpa Lampi
Frontenac Gris
Pixie Dwarf Vine (Container)

Honey Berries: expected full production year 3
Berry Blue
Indigo gem (container)
Tundra (container)

Raspberries (unknown varieties) Full production year 2
Two Red and one Yellow variety

Rhubarb: Full production year 2
Arctic Rhubarb from Kay Garvin via Dad

Strawberries: Full production year 2

Apple Tree: Grafting
Goodland (Harcourt Tree)
Manitoba Apple (Honey Crisp Tree)

Lingon Berries

Strawberry Mint

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