How to Grow and Use 19 Varieties of Basil


John from shows you how to grow and use 19 different varieties of basil in his back yard vegetable garden in the desert.

In this episode, you will discover John’s favorite varieties of basil that resists going to flower that will produce flavorful leaves for you to enjoy all season long.

Next you will learn about basil and some of the health benefits. You will learn why basil gets little pests and how to maximize the natural pest resistance of your basil plants. You will discover some common diseases that may affect basil plants and how to conquer them.

Next you will learn the 19 different varieties of basils that John is be growing this year and why. You will also learn how easy it is to plant basil as well as the two most important nutrients you need to add to the soil before planting the basil. Finally you will discovers John’s favorite shortcut for planting your transplants fast. Next you will learn the secret ingredient that John uses to ensure healthy and fast growth in his new transplants.

Finally, John will share his favorite ways to use basil in his recipes and why you should use it in its fresh, raw state whenever you are able.

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