How to Grow a Majesty Palm, from “The Indoor Garden” 90’s TV series


Check out this clip featuring clear, basic instructions on how to grow a Majesty Palm. In addition to the care for the Majesty Palm, there are suggestions on the best ways to place it in your home or office. Almost everyone appreciates the peacefulness and graciousness of palms. They are like a reminder of a great day at the beach.
This was taped at a florist in Washington, DC that was owned by a friend of mine. This episode was entitled “A Show of Palms” and featured several different species of palms. Some of the other clips on palm care from that show are up on YouTube now, and all of them will be soon.
For more great indoor plant information from our 18-yr expert (at taping time) click on the link below for ‘The Indoor Garden’ blog:

Please feel free to ask questions about your palm in the comments.

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