How to Control Bugs and Pests on Cannabis Organically


John from interviews MIT, the master grower at North Coast Naturals to share with you how you can control pests on cannabis organically. You will learn how to contol pests such as Spider Mites, Broad Mites, Aphids, Fungus Gnats, Powdery Mildew or PM and much more.

You will learn some of the top organic, natural and biologic controls that can be used on cannabis as well as other herbs, vegetables and fruits that is natural and not have the undesirable effects that chemical and synthetic pesticides, fungicides do.

You will also discover why John is so passionate about spreading the knowledge of natural, organic growing and what you can do to improve the quality of your lives and of the lives of others.
MIT will answer the following questions in this episode:
01:42 Why is it important to get rid of the chemical pesticides in cannabis?
03:29 What are the top pests that occur when growing annabis?
11:56 How can you deal with Powdery Mildew using organic methods?
16:18 How do you deal with fungus gnats using organic controls?
21:10 What are some cultural practices that you do to prevent pests and diseases?
25:50 How important is to sterilize your rooms and equipment before every crop?
27:10 What are the other pests that may affect cannabis and what can be done?
28:00 Any last tips that you would like viewers out there to know?

After watching this episode you will learn the answers to these questions and probably a whole lot more.

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