How to care for succulents – The Complete Guide


Th is video is about the overall succulent care, the most important aspects of it, like fertilizing, light, watering and humidity, pest control, pots and potting and temperature. These “rules” can be applied to the most common succulents out there, like the eceheverias, haworthias, aeoniums etc. I mention sempervivums as well, which pretty much require the same care, but they can tolerate freezing conditions too. In case of sedums you have to check out gy googling it what temps they need, there are frost hardy and not frost hardy varieties.
If you’re curious about the winter care of the non frost hardy succulents, check this vid:
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The succulents in the video:
00:00 Echeveria lauii
01:45 Echeveria Doris Taylor
03:11 Echeveria agavoides
03:58 Echeveria lilacina
05:50 NoID hybrid

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