How to Build a Raised Bed Garden with No Tools & Choose the Best Soil


John from shares with you how you can build a raised bed garden with NO tools and choose the best soil in your local area to fill it.

In this episode, John builds a raised bed garden on a budget and with no tools (except a scissors) and shares with you in detail how you can start growing your own food today without any prior experience.

John will share with you many tips in this epsiode which will be especially helpful for beginners that want to grow and organic raised bed garden.

John will first share his tips on the best place to plant your garden. This is especially important if you have a homeowners association.

John will also share with you the best low maintence crops you can grow even if you have a shady part of your yard.

Next, John will go over all the materials that will be needed to build and plant out your raised bed garden with automatical irrigation system. You will even discover how to get some free local resources that will help you build your garden.

John will then show you how easy it can be to construct a re-purposed shipping container into a raised bed garden and fill it with the best soil. John will spend a significant amount of time explaining the best local and bagged soils that you may be able to purchase near you. He will share his ideas on manure, raised bed soil, compost and more.

John will share his favorite soils that he purchased locally at Home Depot, Lowes and Brite Ideas Hydroponic Shop. He will shares the pros and cons of each soil and give his personal opinions of them.

John will share his two secret ingredients that most gardeners leave out due to cost or availability.

He will then share with you how to best mix up the bagged soil products in the raised beds to get the most bang for your soil buck.

After watching this Do It Yourself Raised Bed Episode, you will have the knowlege and confidence you need to build a raised bed and fill it with the best local soil that is available.

Stay tuned for the next episode, that details how to install the irrigation system and how to plant all the plants.

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