How to Be a Back Yard Vegetable Gardener to Grow Food


John from gives a one hour class to share with you the why and how to grow your own food in a small space vegetable garden.

In this 1 hour long episode, John takes a class on a tour of his backyard vegetable garden and shares with them the nuts and bolts of how to grow a vegetable garden succesfully in the mohave desert (or where ever you live). The practices that John shares are tried-and-true nature’s methods of fertilizing plants and providing them with the best nutrition so they can thrive. This in turn will create a healthier planet and healthier people at the same time.

The set of this class takes place in John’s backyard vegetable garden, so you will get the see the results of his gardening style first hand in this impromptu class given to encourage and teach others to grow their own food in the desert.

At the end of this episode, John will answer some questions from the class which you may benefit from as well.

After watching this episode, you will have a better understanding of the method of gardening John uses to grow his food which he simply calls biologic organic gardening.

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