How to Amend the Soil in Your Organic Garden


John from has a special guest in his garden to share how you can blend your own soil amendments you can use to amend your clay soil, sandy soil or even your raised beds to provide your plants the best fertilizers that will feed your plants as well as the microbes in the soil.

In this episode, Josh Cunnings from the Boogie Brew company will share you you an on-the-fly organic soil base that can easily be mixxed up to enrich your organic garden.

You will also learn about the all-new Boogie Brew Pro – a two part compost tea blend that is stronger than ever for massive root growth and superior plant health that can be used in row crops, raised beds and even aquaponics.

Next you will hear Josh’s vision of community composting, community rock dust, community worm castings for all cities in the country. Finally you will hear Josh rant about large corporations, chemical fertilizers, chemical farming and what you can do to make a difference in the world today

After watching this episode, you will be learn how to create your own soil base to boost the nutrients in your garden as well as how you can take a stand and pull the rug out from under large corporations that are attempting to dominate the world.

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