How Sustainable Farming Can Be Better than Organic Agriculture


John from visits his friends farm to share with you how sustainable farming can be better than simply organic agriculture.

In this episode, John shares with you a small farm on Maui that is growing food in the most natural, “organic” and sustainable way as possible with primary focus on reusing on-site materials vs bringing in external inputs such as fertilizer as much as possible.

In this episode you will learn about many of the elements of this sustainable farm that make it a viable family business operation in the tropics with year-round growing conditions. You will discover some of the lesser known and uncommon crops that can be easy to grow in places that do not get a freeze. You will also discover different growing techniques that will allow you to grow more diversity on your farm by providing different environments to your plants.

Finally, John will interview Ryan and ask him about why he has been successful quitting his job to work on the farm full time as well as some tips that will help and make you a better gardener or farmer.

After watching this episode, you will be more familiar with a more sustainable way of farming besides most industrial organic agriculture as well as learn many tips, and techniques that you can put into practice to grow food more sustainably, locally, and organically for you, your family, your community and the world.

Watch the original episode at Ryan’s place at:

Watch the other episode in Hawaii where NO animal manures are used on a sustainable permaculture homestead:

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