How often do you have to clean a Worm Farm? And more Gardening Q & A’s Ep2


In today’s video I will be answering the following questions:

1)How long can you store fresh apple cider? 0:53

2)Where can I get a cider press like yours? 2:03

3)How often do you have to clean the whole worm farm out and start over? 2:43

4)Can I apply any of the ‘7 cheap ways to add nutrients’ to my potting soil? 3:33

5)When you do get rock dust can you please share how you would use it? 4:24

6)Should the leaves in leaf mold be damp or dry and how long does it take? 5:11

7)Does watering your chilies more produce more capsaicin? 6:24

Here is a link to the John’s worm farm video:

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