How I Build My Raised Bed Garden Soil Before the New Planting Season


John from shares with you how he builds the fertility of his raised bed garden soil before the new planting season.

In this episode, John shows you how he turns a bed into a new planting for the new season. You will learn the specific ingredients he uses to make a batch of his organic super soil and why he uses the ingredients he does. You will discover the importance of using a diversity of ingredients in your planting mix and learn many of the products John uses to ensure he is growing some of the healthiest and highest quality plants.

John will take you step-by-step when he adds different amendments into a wheel barrow also sharing his specific ratios.

Finally, you will see how John adds this mixture to his raised bed and how he methodically plants out his peppers to maximize the amount of food he is able to grow in a small space.

After watching this episode, you will have a better understanding of John’s gardening style, which he calls, Organic, Nutrient Dense, High Density, Biologic Gardening.

More information on some of the ingredients John uses:

Worm Gold Plus Worm Castings:

Rock Dust, a Broad Spectrum Trace Mineral Amendment:

Insect Frass:

Best compost in Texas (Fungal Dominated Compost)

John & Bobs Organic Fertilizer:

Supersize Your Growth with WoodChips and Rock Dust

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