How Easy is it Growing Kale from Seed? (How to Grow Kale at Home)


How Easy is it Growing Kale from Seed?
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How to Grow Kale at Home

Germinating kale is quite easy if you follow a few basic steps. I my video I show how I have grown kale from seed, the kale seed that I saved from my last year’s crop and kale plants I my garden that where plants out in spring.

I find that growing curly kale from seed at the end of winter is a great way to have kale ready to use in summer. Then in late summer I start germinating kale seed to have a crop of kale that will grow over winter. This way I can harvest kale from summer right into winter and as long as it doesn’t snow the kale plants go onto spring. That’s when I start the cycle again growing a new batch of kale seeds.

There are many different ways you can grow kale; you can grow kale in containers, indoors, in pots or in the garden as I do. If you’re growing kale in winter it is best to start it of inside in areas where the temperature gets into subzero. Once the winter breaks and the weather warms up it can be, it is best to place kale outdoors.

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