How does a Zucchini Plant grow?


Life off the Grid.

Our dream has always been to retire to a property in the country, completely off the grid, sothat we could learn to manage our own existence. Generate the power that we consume. Catch the rainwater that we need. And grow the food that we eat.
But when we found this property, we realised;
– “Why wait until we retire?; Let’s do it Now, while we can still enjoy the adventure!”.
So in 2013, we moved our small family from an innner city townhouse, to a 1/2 acre property, completely Off The Grid. We had No Idea what we were in for. The first 6 months were the hardest. Power, water and heating issues. In the middle of winter, with a newborn baby.

Two years certainly has taught us alot about who we are, and out place on this planet; And what it REALLY takes to live without suckling on the Beauracratic and Corporate teats of our civilisation.

This Channel is primarily a Journal to document our lives and the changes to our property.

And hopefully give us something funny to watch when we’re old and grey.

This is Our Adventure.

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