High Grade Fertilizer that Most Gardeners Forget: CBD Trace Minerals


John from shares with you one organic fertilizer that most gardeners forgot to put in their garden which is required to have the best growing results.

In this episode, with special guest, Josh Cunnings, you will learn about adding 70+ different trace minerals in your garden and why you should add rock dust minerals into your garden instead of just “fertilizer” that may have as few as 3 minerals in your vegetable garden.

Josh will introduce his locally-sourced, BEST rock dust called C.B.D. Minerals that has been shown to increase yields in the vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruits you are growing. You will learn why California Basalt Deposit vintage stone flour from an Igneous source is the gold standard for rock dusts with its unique benefits.

At the end of the episode, Josh will share a Rock Box Medley deal where for a limited time you can get 50 pounds of 3 different types of rock dust for less than $1 a pound delivered to anywhere in the 50 United States.

To get this special offer, visit the web page:

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