Have Green Thumbs with Garden Tech Unveiled at CES 2015


John from share with you the NEW Gardening Tech products that allow you to have instant green thumbs and grow food even if you never have grown anything in your life before in your home garden indoors or outdoors.

In this episode, John attends the International 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV to share with you a handful of tech gadgets that will enable you to keep better tabs on your gardening and connecting your garden to the internet, iphone, android phone, or tablet. These devices utilize state-of-the-art sensor technology so you can converse water, provide exactly the amount of water your plants need, monitor temperature, monitor humidity, soil moisture, water useage, soil fertility, get recommendations and feedback on how to improve your plants and garden. You will discover this and a whole lot more with the garden tech gadgets unveiled at the CES 2015.

In this episode you will learn about:
01:57 The Edyn Garden Sensor – That allows you to have an Internet connected garden. A solar powered sensor that will let you know the light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture. It will also make recommendations on which plants will grow best works with the IOS / iphone app. The Edyn Water Valve utilizes the data from the Edyn Garden Sensor to Water based on the moisture level in the soil and weather forecast. Learn more at:

08:28 Netatmo Weather Station for Smartphone – The Netatmo weather station allows you to check the temperature, humidity, wind and rain happening in real time in your garden. This will allow to take appropriate action when required based on the temperature in your garden. The Netatmo has an open API that you can pull the data for your own needs. Furthermore the smart garden hub will utilize the data from the Netatmo to custom tailor water in your garden to the weather in your microclimate. Learn more at:

11:22 Parrot Pot is the World’s first connected smart pot that monitors the moisture, temperature, sunlight and fertilizer that your plant needs and will make recommendations to optimize your plants growth. It can also water your plants automatically when you are on vacation for 30 days or more!

17:17 The Parrot H20 Connected Smart Sensor allows you to monitor the moisture, temperature, sunlight and fertilizer levels in your soil of any pot, plant, or raised bed. It will also allow you to automatically water your plant when your on vacation or not. It will also give you recommendations to optimize the health of your plant based on a database of 8000 plants at present time. With the open API you can pull the data from this device to use in your own applications. The Parrot H20 will send data to the Smart Garden Hub so that it will water the appropriate amount of water your garden needs. Learn more about these products at

25:55 Smart Garden Hub by GreenIQ offers the Internet Connected Irrigation Timer / Controller and then some… This smart garden hub will use weather data from online sources or the Netatmo weather station as well as internet connected moisture sensors such as the parrot flower power, parrot h2o, or Plant Sensor 2 by Koubachi to water your plants the exact amount of water for your plants to save water and give your plants the exact amount of water your plants require. You can easily program your Smart Garden hub through any internet browser including smart phones, tablets and computers. It is water proof and controls 6 standard 24 volt irrigation water valves. It can also control garden lighting with an optional relay. Software updates are free and pushed automatically to the unit. With the upcoming water meter you will be able to detect leaks and monitor the money you are saving. In addition, with the open API you can program your own apps to do what you need to get done in your garden.
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