Harvesting 5 Different Container Grown Sarpo Potato Varieties : Blight Resistant Yield Comparison


Harvesting 5 different container grown pots of potatoes from the Sarpo blight resistant varieties.
I did this as a test to see the different yields of the various different types.
Not a proper test at all as I just selected a single pot of each variety and there can be big differences of any variety between pots.
All the varieties apparently have different cooking characteristics.
The Sarpo Mira being a high dry matter potato ideal for roasting and chips.
Axona an improved Mira with a more all round use.
And the others with other characteristics including an early waxy textured one and a tasty purple skinned one.
In conclusion all the different varieties had amazing blight resistance as they were all growing in October .
The Sarpo Mira did have the heaviest yield.
I’ll try cooking them all in different ways and see which are best for what purpose.
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