Harvest Vegetables Early by Warming Garden Soil in Spring


John from shares with you how you can harvest your spring/summer crops up to 3 weeks earlier. In this episode, you will learn the summer crops that John is planting before his last frost date in Late February. More importantly, you will discover the special tool that will enable John to extend his growing season by protecting his plants from the potential frost but more importantly warm the soil to encourage faster growth.

You will also discover how John amends his raised bed before planting new vegetables and an aqua jet subsoil irrigation system update and what he needs to do to ensure his plants get the water they need.

You will learn about the inexpensive Grow it Now Plant protector that will allow you to grow your plants early and warm your soil to harvest your spring and summer crops before all your neighbors.

Finally you will discover the little experiment John is doing in his garden and he will share the results with you later in the season.

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