Growing Zucchini & Cucumber Indoors – Hardening Seedlings


– Growning zucchini & growing cucumber indoors – hardening seedlings, they’re headin’ outside!

Come see this last view of my vegetable seedlings before they get taken outside for hardening.

Hardening seedlings is necessary process when you grow your seedlings indoors in a window or under a grow light. When grown indoors they are delicate and tender and not ready to be out in the weather and elements.

Once they are grown and ready to get planted outside, you need to start taking them out for a few hours in semi-shade. Then they come back indoors for the night.

You repeat this process every day for a few weeks, each day being out a few more hours until they are little toughies and ready for their permanent outdoor home.
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Growing Zucchini & Cucumber Indoors – Hardening Seedlings

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