Growing Watercress Indoors Tutorial (•‿•)


No, this is NOT a repetitive infomercial like you see on late night shopping TV. It is a short repetitive video tutorial on how to grow your own watercress indoors. (Actually, in truth, I made about four or five takes for this video, but all, alas, had mangled audio. In the end, I got fed up and tossed all the salvageable pieces into Windows MovieMaker–so WYSIWYG !!!! A real “dog’s breakfast”! LOL)


Watercress requires sufficient light.

It prefers alkaline conditions. So use non-carbonated spring water available from your supermarket. (I have used 100% springwater successfully, but even 50% springwater would probably be okay–making up the other 50% with tapwater.)

Watercress enjoys circulating water. So use an aquarium pump to circulate the water and keep it fresh and aerated.

Plant the rooted pieces of watercress–available from your supermarket–in pots of coarse sand or gravel. (BTW, some Asian shops sell true watercress seeds in their gardening seeds section.)

Submerge pots in the spring water. The plants will be anchored by their roots in the pots; but will be happily growing ABOVE the water.

It’s fun to try this, anyway. So do get the kids to try it!


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