Growing Turmeric In a Container – From Rhizome to Powder


In this Video we see how to grow Turmeric in a container and also look at how to make Turmeric Powder.

I have been cultivating terrace garden from past three years in Bangalore, India. We try to grow different variety of plants our pots/container.
We love Sweet Dumpling steamed in Turmeric leaves. This gave us thought of growing Turmeric in pots.
I brought two Turmeric Rhizomes from my native just to get some leaves, now i harvest more than 50 rhizomes every year. Recently we also made turmeric powder and thought of sharing this wonderful experience with the whole word through a video.

ABOUT TURMERIC — Turmeric is a super-food and also one of the easiest plant to grow in your Garden. It is a tropical perennial plant which belongs to ginger family.
It is mainly cultivated in Indian sub-continent. Turmeric Rhizomes are dried and powdered for long shelf life. Turmeric powder is used in almost all Indian curries and also in various Indian Cuisines. Turmeric Powder is used as anti-septic and anti-bacterial agent in Indian traditional and Ayurvedic medicine. Turmeric Powder is also used as home medicine for cuts and burns. There is also a famous beauty product called ‘Vicco Turmeric’ in India. Turmeric is considered holy in Hindu culture and the powder is applied to face in many festivals and Hindu customs.

Turmeric plants flower once they are mature and their flower color ranges from white, purple to Red.

GROWING ON TERRACE — Growing turmeric plant doesn’t need much effort. You just need good weather, any type of soil and lot of water. Make sure you plant your Rhizome/Sapling in summer (Temperature above 30 C) and water the plant regularly. Turmeric doesn’t get affected by pests easily. That too if you are growing it in your home garden in small scale you need not worry about pests at all. Turmeric is dormant in Winter, We can get turmeric leaves through the year except winter. These plants doesn’t require particular manure, re-potting, transplanting is not required. All I can say Turmeric is a plant which is very easy to grow, requires less maintenance.

Turmeric needs hot and humid climate to prosper and it generally grows on light black or red soils. The harvesting of this plant is done in winter as plant shed they leaves and only rhizomes left, you can either harvest Rhizomes after all leaves dries up or once you see flowers from Turmeric.

RHIZOMES — Turmeric is grown mainly for their Rhizomes. Turmeric Rhizomes are usually harvested once the plant has matured or after the plant starts to flower. The whole of the plant if uprooted and Rhizomes are carefully broken out of the plant stem. Curcumin and its related compounds which are present in Turmeric has lot of medicinal properties and researches have indicated that Turmeric can slow the development of Cancer.

TURMERIC POWDER — To make Turmeric powder you need to wash your fresh Rhizomes and then boil it for 40-45 minutes in fresh water. This will make the Turmeric Rhizomes soft and also kill germs and bacteria. After boiling these rhizomes you need to cut it for easy drying. You can either Sun dry them or dry it in a Oven (NOTE : Microwave ovens are not suitable for this).
After that, all that you need to do is grind them in a Mixer-Grinder or a Food Processor until it is fine powder. Store this in a dry cool place and you are done. Enjoy your home grown organic Turmeric Powder :)

That’s it about Turmeric for now.

I have also grown Papaya, Mint (Pudina), Okra, Bitter gourd/melon, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Spinach (Palak), Egg Plant(Brinjal), Amaranthus, Hyacinth/Lablab Bean, Spring Onions, Ash Gourd (Winter Melon), Sugar Apples and different type of flowers in our Terrace Garden.

Lot more to Try as well :)

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[00:02] – Intro
[00:28] – About Turmeric
[01:50] – Uses of Turmeric
[03:10] – Seedlings
[05:44] – Growth Progress
[06:56] – Turmeric In Winter
[07:29] – Harvest
[09:22] – Rhizomes
[11:13] – Turmeric Powder
[13:29] – Thank you note

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