Growing Squash and Cucumbers made easy with a Harrod Slot and Lock Squash Frame


Growing squash, cucumbers and any member of the cucurbit family is so much easier with the Harrod Slot and Lock Squash Frame.
As well as taking up less space, your plants will be able to climb up the framework supported by netting, whilst angling towards the sun to ensure ripening fruit gets the optimum sunlight.

Growing fruit is also kept off the ground too so avoiding soil borne diseases, waterlogging and slug and snail damage. A top tip is to grow smaller squashes on the netting and outdoor cucumbers through the netting to achieve straighter fruit.

The Harrod Slot & Lock® Squash and Cucumber Climbing Frame is perfect for those short on space in their kitchen garden as there is room underneath the netting to grow salad catch crops before your plants mature.

Easy to assemble and then fold up for winter storage and designed to fit inside both our 1.2m square and 1.8m square raised beds. Supplied complete with 80mm knotted net mesh, releasable cable ties and steel ground pegs.

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