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We see how to grow the beautiful Hyacinth or Lablab bean in a container. Including their soil and climate preference, pest control and general Terrace Garden tips.

Lablab has plenty of names like hyacinth bean, Bonavist bean/pea, Dolichos bean, Seim bean, Egyptian kidney bean, Indian Field bean, Bataw, Australian pea and also as Avarekai in Kannada.

ABOUT LABLAB (HYACINTH) — Lablab or Hyacinth is a bean which belongs to Fabaceae family. It is a perennial plant, which is grown mainly for their bean, Lablab flowers are seasonal and Hermaphrodite, i.e. a single flower contains both male and female part. And it self pollinates, there is no need of external pollinators.

There are two primary type of Lablab (Hyacinth), the Vine and the Bush type. This one is bush type. In some varieties of Lablab you can also eat the bean pod. But not this one ‘Indian Field beans’ Flower colour also changes from purple to white based on variety. In some variates the Vine is used as just ornamental plant since they are perennial.

GROWTH EXPERIENCE — I have been cultivating various vegetables and fruits in terrace garden from past 2 years but never tried any beans in my terrace garden. Last year one of my friend said he got good harvest of Green Beans which grew in his garden. I wanted to try in my terrace garden. I sow the seed of Lablab Bean without any hope. After few days, I could see seedlings come out. As days went on, plant became bushy with foliage. Leaves touching to the ground was getting dried so I started to keep some dried basil plants for its support, after this the plant grew very well and spread out nicely.

In September Lablab plant started to flower. And after this we started to the bean pods emerge, it was a wonderful experience seeing some of the initial bean pods. After a week or so we could see fully grown Pods and opening them we saw wonderful beans from our very own plants.

GROWTH TIPS — Lablab (Hyacinth) grows in any generic soil, what I did so special is use Groundnut cakes after re-potting the soil with this I could see very good growth of plant and I feel Goat manure also helped a lot in its growth. One of the big problem with Hyacint (Lablab) is the pod borer and after a week of good mature pods I started to notice pod borers. I just had to pluck these pods and thrown it away. I did not want to use any pesticides in my garden. Other than this it was just generic plant care that I did

That’s it about Lablab for now, I have also grown Spinach, Coriander, Papaya, Mint (Pudina), Okra, Bitter gourd/melon, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Spinach (Palak), Egg Plant(Brinjal), Amaranthus, Spring Onions, Ash Gourd (Winter Melon), Sugar Apples and different type of flowers in our Terrace Garden.

Happy Gardening :)

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[00:06] – Intro
[00:18] – About Lablab
[01:16] – Growing Lablab
[03:23] – Plant Structure
[05:03] – Flowers
[07:37] – Beans
[09:34] – Harvest
[10:00] – Cuisines

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