Growing & Harvesting Organic Yacon is Better than Yacon Syrup


John from shares with you growing and harvesting of Fresh Yacon in his front yard organic garden. In this episode, John will share his opinions on Yacon syrup and why growing your own fresh harvested yacon is better than the syrup that was seen on Dr. Oz.

You will learn some of the benefits of this perennial vegetable from South America known as yacon aka Smallanthus sonchifolius. This crop is also called the Peruvian Ground Apple or Earth Apple because it is so sweet due to the high inulin content, that is not to be confused with insulin. Inulin is a non-digestible carbohydrate that feeds your beneficial probiotics in your intestine and may help with weight loss according to Dr. Oz.

John will share his experience with growing yacon as well as how to take care of this South American crop. You will also learn when to harvest this crop, as well as how long of a season it needs to produce optimally. You will also see one of the largest yacon tubers ever grown and learn where you can purchase starter plants.

After watching this episode, you will be more motivated to start growing your own yacon and eating fresh, whole beyond organic foods in your garden instead of highly processed foods such as yacon syrup which may promote weight loss.

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