Growing Carrots Sustainably in Raised Beds


The Garden of Eden is the most sustainable organization in the state of Texas (and probably the nation). We’re focused on our values of integrity, honor, responsibility, accountability, freedom, and family, and spend our lives feeding, clothing, housing, and educating people. Our Eden Knights live on less than $1 a day each, and we feed 40,000 free meals a year without government assistance, corporate sponsorship, or rich benefactors! We have a negative carbon footprint; use composting toilets; grow food; cook year-round on outdoor, wood-burning rocket stoves we built by hand from earth; reduce/reuse/recycle; shower from our well; and barter and trade for most of the goods and services we require. We are 100% dedicated to PROCEEDS NOT PROFITS; everything we offer is by donation to our humanitarian works and social outreach.


This is a beautiful love filled video of sustainability in action.
In this video Quinn and QiQi harvest sweet carrots from the tire raised beds.
The main question we get is about the tire raised beds. Many comment that they have concerns that they are “bad” because they are rubber.
All we can say is we have been doing it for 6 years and never felt any problems whatsoever. In fact Quinn who has eaten the most out of them in these 6 years is the healthiest Man we have ever met anywhere.
So either there is no danger, or the sacred blessed enriornment of Eden alchemizes whatever “bad” there is into good.
An important note is that everything but direct experience is hearsay. SO the only way to be sure is to do some kind of soil test on soil in raised beds with tires. Anyone who wants to do that and let us know would be welcomed.

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