Growing Black Capsicum Bell Pepper ❧


Hi guys! Here’s what NOT to do when growing capsicum peppers as indoor containers. The main thing is to not use trashy cheap rubbishy crappy potting mix from the supermarket, as it’s usually just a bag of black sawdust mixed with a little sand–even if it says it has been “formulated to Australian standards” (or something similar) on the bag. A bell pepper grown in that rubbish, in a pot, will be stunted for ages, and you will take almost forever to get your first fruit and, even then, it may just end up the size of a golf ball. This one fruited-plant has a pepper of larger size after having been dosed (in desperation and as a last resort!) with a little manure. Best to use quality rich soil in the first place. This pepper was grown from a saved seed after a salad. I recall it was a yellow pepper, but it seems to have given us a black bell pepper as offspring. That’s interesting; and a lot of fun. So happy gardening, anyway! Do try your luck!

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